Guiding you in the writing of your life story

Once upon a time : YOU!

Because we live in an era when all goes fast, and families are settled all over the world, we think that social media can replace real communication.

The time when we were able to listen to parents and elders, telling their stories in front of the fireplace is long gone.

Your life, what you were all along these years, the way you solved your problems, your tears and laughter, your experience, the memories about a time that is long gone... This still important and needs to be transmitted to your children, grandchildren and why not to others you don't know yet.

I guide you the organization and the redaction of your memories.

I am a certified instructor in Guided AutoBiography," from The Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies.

I understand how difficult it could be to write your memories by yourself, that's why I shall be on your side to help you to avoid the angst in front of the blank page.

I shall guide you on the journey of your life story.

Once upon a time : YOU!

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