On your side

Often the weakest link of the chain lies in the fact that teams have no idea, and therefore little understanding, of the differences of communication, the difference between the conception of time, or greetings

The consequences of a rude receptionist can ruin months of negotiation.

That is why it is important to train the team that will be exposed to another culture about how to do better business, but also to get a follow-up for the duration of the project.


Sometimes an outsider  like a consultant is going to be able to identify the source of difficulties and propose solutions.

French Language

French language for your business or travel, but a French native is always better.

We are available to help you in the improvement of French language by using SKYPE for following your progress wherever you are.

We accept debutants or advanced.


Managers and Decision Makers are exposed to different cultures by globalization.

They can’t spend too much time learning the customs of each country they are in negotiation with.


They need somebody who knows their own culture and the target culture, and who has  some experience because not everything is in the books.

They need somebody who is going to decrypt the non-verbal, the codes and the subtleties of the language of the foreign partner.


America and France have a lot of codes that are really different.


The role of the cross-cultural coach will be to assist the CEO, the Decision Maker or the Manager during his/her project at any moment.

The “at any moment” is important because generally difficulties arise when you don’t expect them. This is the reason why I recommend working with a contract of retainer for cross-cultural coaching. Meaning that I can be reached at any moment of the day or night, 24/7, 365/365.